In today's hectic world it's easy to become overwhelmed or distracted by the many things that demand our attention. Think of the last time you curled up with a nice hot cup of tea (or coffee) and a book on a rainy day. That scenario is one of my favorite things. I began drinking tea after my study abroad trip to London. Now when I make a cup of tea, it helps to inspire me and brings back wonderful memories from my trips abroad.

I often make a cup of tea while working on projects. Taking a short break can allow me to refuel and become inspired. I find inspiration in both large and small moments throughout my day. A stirring musical score, a chickadee eating birdseed, and the beautiful images of interiors on Pinterest are just a few things that have inspired me today. I love getting caught up in a design project as I strive to find the best solution. Yet, I have also learned that taking a short break every once in a while allows me to come back to my projects refreshed and with a new viewpoint.

To hear more about what inspires my designs please check out a short video I made. It can be found under the resume tab or by clicking this link: